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Main properties of CNC PILOT 640

Basic version with 4 axes
2 axes plus spindle
Optional axes
Max. 20 motors, of which max. 8 NC axes + max. 6 spindles
Input resolution and display step
X axis: 0.5 µm, diameter: 1 µm
Z and Y axes: 1 µm
C axis: 0.001°
B axis: 0.001°
U, V, W axis: 1 µm
Block processing time
1.5 ms
MC main computer
Operating panel and 19-inch TFT color flat-panel display
CC, UEC or UMC controller units

Quick and reliable machining with high contour accuracy

– Uniformly digital control design

Thanks to its digital design, the CNC PILOT 640 has control over the machine’s entire drive system. Not only does the field-proven digital drive technology from HEIDENHAIN make high contour accuracy and rapid machining at high speeds possible, but also all control components of the CNC PILOT 640 are connected via digital interfaces.

Digital drive technology

The position controller, speed controller and, if required, the current controller are integrated in the CNC PILOT 640. The digital motor control makes it possible to attain very high feed rates.

High contour accuracy

The CNC PILOT 640 dynamically calculates the contour in advance. This enables it to adapt the axis velocities to the contour transitions. It controls the axes with special algorithms that ensure path control with the required limits to velocity and acceleration.