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Workpiece measurement

The TS workpiece touch probes from HEIDENHAIN help you perform setup, measuring and inspection functions directly on the machine tool.

Benefits of HEIDENHAIN touch probes
  • High probe repeatability
  • High probe velocity
  • No wear thanks to contact-free optical switch and high-accuracy pressure sensor.
  • High repeatability over a long period
  • Noise-free signal transmission by cable, radio or infrared beam
  • Optical status indicator
  • Integrated flusher/blower on infrared touch probes
  • Effective energy saving mode


TS workpiece touch probes

Touch probe with cable connection for signal transmission for machines with manual tool change:
  • TS 260: Axial or radial flange socket
Touch probe for radio and infrared transmission for machines with automatic tool change
  • TS 460: Standard touch probe with compact dimensions
    With TS 460: Collision protection adapter (optional) prevents damage and reduces heating of the TS through the spindle
Touch probes with infrared signal transmission for machines with automatic tool change:
  • TS 444: Battery-free voltage supply through integrated air turbine generator over central compressed air supply
  • TS 642: Activation by switch in the taper shank
  • TS 740: High probing accuracy and repeatability, low probing force

Touch Probes


Tool measurement

Tool measurement on the machine shortens non-productive times, increases machining accuracy and reduces scrapping and reworking of machined parts. With the tactile TT touch probes and the contact-free TL laser systems, HEIDENHAIN offers two completely different possibilities for tool measurement.

With their rugged design and high degree of protection, these tool touch probes can be installed directly within the machine tool's work envelope.

Touch probes for tool measurement
  • TT 160: Triggering 3-D touch probe, signal transmission via cable
  • TS 460: 3-D touch trigger probe with infrared transmission
  • TL Nano: Laser system for contact-free workpiece measurement
  • TL Micro: Laser system for contact-free workpiece measurement

Touch Probes