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Machining with four axes

Many five-axis operations that at first glance may seem complex can be reduced to conventional 2-D movements that are tilted about one or more rotary axes or wrapped onto a cylindrical surface. The processes support the TNC 320 with application-oriented functions:

Tilting the working plane with the PLANE function:

You program the machining operation as usual in the working plane. The machine then runs the program in a plane that has been tilted by one or more plains of the reference axis.

Programming of contours on cylindrical surfaces:

The TNC 320 supports you with three cycles for cylinder-surface machining: slot milling, guide-groove milling and ridge milling.


Simple setup for minimized setup time

Another endless setup for only a short machining time? With the TNC 320, this is not necessary.

Particularly in small and medium-sized production runs, the TNC 320 can really reduce setup and non-machining time. The well proven functions—like incremental jog through axis-direction keys, the probing functions in conjunction with a touch probe or the rapid measurement of datums—make setup easy.