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Main Properties of TNC 640

Basic version with 4 axes
3 axes plus spindle / 4th NC axis plus auxiliary axis
Expansion of axes
Total of 14 additional axes or
13 additional NC axes plus 2nd spindle
Input resolution and display step
Linear axes: 0.1 μm (optionally down to 0.01)
Angle data: 0.0001° (optionally down to 0.000 01°)
Block processing time
0.5 ms (3-D straight line without radius compensation)
MC main computer
CC or UEC controller units
Operating panel (15.1-inch or 19 inch)
BF color TFT flat-panel display with soft keys (15.1 or 19 inches)

Universally applicable

The TNC 640 is especially attractive for the following areas of application:

  • Milling/turning machines
  • Universal milling machines
  • High speed milling
  • Boring mills
  • Five-axis machining with swivel head and rotary table
  • Machining centers and automated machining

Functional design

The exterior of the TNC 640 is already captivating with its noble design: the well designed keyboard, elegant stainless steel housing, and large 19-inch glass monitor.

Its slightly rounded and slightly convex keys are easy and reliable to operate. Soft keys both for the programming and the machine functions always show only the currently available selections.

The current operating states of the machine are displayed with LEDs through every key of the machine operating panel.