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Uniformly Digital Order Management in Manufacturing

HEIDENHAIN TNC controls with Connected Machining permit uniformly digital order management in manufacturing.

Connected Machining stands for functions of the TNC controls that support the networking of controls in the workshop with all the areas in the company accompanying production.

Connected Machining


The Programming Tip of the Month

Sort the columns of the tool table

You can use a menu to define the sequence of the columns displayed in the tool table.

Programming Tip of the Month


Klartext– News from the World of HEIDENHAIN Controls

Delve into exciting reports about real-world industrial practices and get comprehensive first-hand knowledge about new product innovations. Read the Klartext magazine, with news from the world of HEIDENHAIN controls!

The current issue

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NC Solutions

Why solve standard problems yourself when you can use NC Solutions? In our database of NC programs you will find documented sample solutions for frequently arising milling and turning tasks. A practical filter function helps you to quickly find the appropriate NC program for your question in the hits resulting from your search. All NC programs in the database can be downloaded for free, and then tested directly on your TNC. We wish you lots of fun with them!

NC Solutions database


Machining Accuracy of Machine Tools

The capability of a machine tool to cope with rapidly changing operating conditions is a decisive factor for its accuracy

The feed drives are of particular importance in this context. High traversing speeds and accelerations put a heavy load on the feed drives, causing much heat to be generated. Without suitable position measuring technology, this rise in temperature can quickly lead to positioning errors of unexpected magnitudes.

Machining Accuracy of Machine Tools


CNC Controls

If you use our product family properly, you can achieve optimal results from your machines. The CNC family simply controls better.

TNC 640 – High End Milling/Turning

TNC 620 – Standard Milling

TNC 530 – High End Milling

TNC 320 – Standard Milling

TNC 128 – Standard Milling

MANUALplus 620 – Turning

CNC PILOT 640 – Turning


Gaining knowledge

HEIDENHAIN offers demand-oriented training courses in which the required technical knowledge is imparted practically, efficiently and in conformity with the participants’ demands. Training courses are not only held in Traunreut. TNC programming courses are also offered by HEIDENHAIN-authorized training partners all over Germany.

HEIDENHAIN Training Portal


The Contouring Control for CNC Lathes

HIT Learning Software

HEIDENHAIN lnteractive Training, the interactive learning software explains the fundamentals of CNC programming.
Schulung NC 9260_102x127

Conversational Programming

The shop-floor programming method supports gives you optimal support.