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HIT – The interactive training system

As a learning solution for HEIDENHAIN controls, the HIT program (HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training) ideally combines theoretical learning with practical exercises into an autodidactic educational strategy. It virtually guarantees you a good start in programming with HEIDENHAIN controls.

HIT was developed particularly for students, retrainees and apprentices. It uses animation, small tasks and exercises to teach the most important elements of a CNC machine and imparts fundamental knowledge about CNC programming. Once learned, the new knowledge can be verified through tests.

The HIT learning method consists of three modules:
  • HIT Software
  • HEIDENHAIN programming station and
  • HIT workbook

Overview of the HIT software

Price (validity)
HIT demo version
Fundamentals, chapters 1+2
Free (unlimited)
HIT Conversational
Conversational Programming
Single-station license (12 months): Cloud or download variant Network license for 20 workstations (unlimited): Download variant
DIN/ISO programming
HIT Tilting 3+2
Programming of tilted machining operations
HIT Turning
1 Interaktives Erlernen der Achsanordnung

Overview of HIT modules

Module 1: The HIT software uses interactive training examples, animations and control simulations, to teach you about HEIDENHAIN controls.

Module 2: The TNC programming station is the PC-based counterpart to a control for a machine tool. You can write and graphically simulate the NC programs, and then transfer them to the machine tool, just like on a real TNC. When you are finished ordering, you can download the programming station for free.

Module 3: Using the production of a workpiece as a guide, the HIT Workbook leads you through the PC-based HIT software and programming station modules. You will find many assignments and numerous programming examples here. When you are finished ordering, you can download a PDF of the workbook for free.

The printed version (regular or with solutions) is available from the CNC Publishing: www.cnc-verlag.de