Speed and quality:
The iTNC 530 for high-speed milling and very high surface quality

The iTNC 530 harmonizes short machining times through high-speed milling and very high surface quality.

The control also machines complex 3-D contours very quickly while reducing wear on the machine and tool. This is ensured by a particularly low-jerk motion control, powerful look-ahead on the contour, and intelligent controller technology.

Die iTNC 530 is the perfect contouring control for milling, drilling and boring machines as well as machining centers with up to 18 axes and spindle.

The right control for scores of applications

With its optimized path control, its precalculation of the contour and its algorithms for jerk limitation, the iTNC 530 has the right functions for a perfect surface in the shortest possible machining time.

The iTNC 530’s short block processing time of only 0.5 ms for a 3-D line segment without tool compensation permits high traversing speeds even on complex contours.

The particularly jerk-smoothed path control when machining 3-D fi gures and the defi ned rounding of series of straightline segments provide you with smoother surfaces as well as high dimensional accuracy