TNC 128 – The Compact Straight-Cut Control for Milling, Drilling and Boring Machines

The control is well-suited for less complex operations on universal milling, drilling and boring machines.

Workshop-oriented programming is an important touchstone of the TNC 128. The software platform has the same basis as that of the “large” HEIDENHAIN controls: the TNC 640, 620 and 320. This is a solid foundation for future demands.

The strengths of the controls lie in series and single-part production, in training and education facilities, and in the production of prototypes.

The elegant appearance and modern stainless steel design of the TNC 128 leave quite an impression.

Because of its analog output that also provides nominal speed values, the TNC 128 is well suited for retrofitting on machine tools.

Range of features

Thanks to its simple operation and scope of features, it is especially well suited for use on universal milling, drilling and boring machines for

  • Series and single-part production
  • Machine building
  • Prototypes and pilot plants
  • Repair departments
  • Training and education facilities

Machining with three to five axes

The TNC 128 is a compact but versatile straight-cut control for three servo axes and servo spindle. A further servo axis is an option.

For simple work, such as face milling, you need not write a program on the TNC 128. It is just as easy to operate the machine manually by pressing the axis keys or—for maximum sensitivity—using the electronic handwheel.

Conceived for both shop-floor and external programming

Workshop-oriented programming is an important attribute of the TNC 128, particularly since the TNC controls are rooted in the workshop.

The proven HEIDENHAIN user interface is also the basis for the user-friendly programming, because the TNC 128 assists you during program creation with help graphics, practical prompts, machining cycles and cycles for coordinate transformation.