TNC 620 for Milling, Drilling and Boring Machines
Fast, easy, reliable

All control components—from the main computer to the encoder—are connected by digital interfaces. The TNC 620 dynamically calculates the contour in advance and adapts the axis velocities to the contour transitions for optimal machining. This is contour fidelity at its best!

Thanks to their flexible operation—workshop-oriented programmability with HEIDENHAIN conversational programming or offline programming—and its scope of features, it is especially suited for use on universal milling, drilling and boring machines.

The TNC 620 is especially attractive for the following areas of application:

  • Universal milling machines
  • Drilling and boring machines
  • Machines with parallel secondary axes
  • Five-axis machining with swivel head and rotary table


The next generation of the TNC 620 combines the typical advantages of proven HEIDENHAIN controls with the modern way of operation by tapping, swiping and dragging via touchscreen.

The combination of intuitive operation, context-sensitive user support and the proven HEIDENHAIN operational design ensures reduced workloads and time savings in production.

Straightforward program creation

With the TNC 620, it’s your choice: shop-floor programming in user-friendly HEIDENHAIN plain language—or external programming. Its Fast Ethernet interface guarantees very short transfer times, even of long programs.

For simple work, you do not need to write a program. It is just as easy to operate the machine manually by pressing the axis keys or using the electronic handwheel.

More working planes with the PLANE function

Programs for contours and holes on inclined surfaces are often very complex. Here the TNC 620 helps you to save a great deal of programming time.

The PLANE function defines tilted machining planes. You simply specify a machining plane, regardless of the rotary axes that are actually present on the machine. There are various possibilities for doing so, depending on the information in the workpiece drawing. Specific help graphics make it easy to enter the values for this complex function.

Five-axis machining

With 5-axis machining, you can respond to even more special requests from customers. The engraving cycle of the TNC makes it very easy to engrave logos on turned parts and on curved surfaces. Complicated three-dimensional contours and fine lines with curved contours can now be easily realized.