PC programming station

Writing programs away from workshop noise? The HEIDENHAIN programming station makes it possible with the same functionality as on the numerical control. You work with the original control software without compatibility problems. In addition, the programming station is particularly attractive for education.

The choice is yours:

  • Control software for PCs for programming, archiving, and training
  • Single-station license with original control keyboard
  • Single-station license with virtual keyboard
  • Network license with virtual keyboard
  • Demo version (operated via virtual keyboard or PC keyboard—free of charge)

Update Information in the VirtualBox programming station

The Windows 10 Case Creators Update (Build 1709) may cause problems with the programming station software in conjunction with VirtualBox.

Please test your version of VirtualBox. HEIDENHAIN recommends the use of version 5.1.30. If desired, you can download this version from the ORACLE Web site.