PlantMonitor is a new Digital Shop Floor software solution from HEIDENHAIN for analyzing production data from multiple StateMonitors. Machines located at different production areas or corporate sites can now be networked, giving users a much wider data pool for more informed decision-making. By viewing and analyzing data from different StateMonitors in real time, users are better able to react to changes and implement long-term process optimization. The configurable dashboard brings transparency to all production areas and the various production data they generate.

The new PlantMonitor software offers the following functions:


  • Real-time visualization of machine data from multiple StateMonitors
  • Daily machine availability and utilization rates


  • Utilization rates
  • Machine availability
  • Operating data

PlantMonitor is the ideal solution for companies that already use multiple StateMonitors and would like to consolidate and analyze data from multiple production areas in one place.


PlantMonitor requires at least one instance of StateMonitor version 1.4.1. Data Interface (option 11) must be enabled for each machine. The StateMonitor instances, which provide the data for PlantMonitor, are connected via Apache ActiveMQ. Apache Active MQ Broker must be installed and configured in the network. One of the following operating systems is required:

  • Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 (both with Hyper-V support)
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux