Visual control of the setup situation

With the new Visual Setup Control monitoring function (VSC) from HEIDENHAIN, you can automatically monitor and document the current setup situation or the machining result.

The pictures taken by the VS 101 camera system are evaluated by the image processing function integrated in the control. This provides an automated way to detect errors before the actual machining process.

The VSC software option and the VS 101 camera system help you to avoid expensive damage to the tool, workpiece and machine.

Timely detection of errors

Missing or incorrectly positioned fixtures

  • Detecting missing fixtures or incorrectly clamped workpieces in time before critical machine movements prevents collisions
  • Examples:
    - Tools that have been left behind
    - Forgotten clamping aids (e.g. jigs)
    - Missing fixtures (e.g. blank holder)

Missing machining operation or wrong workpieces

  • Avoidance of scrap caused by incorrect premachining or using the wrong blank material in the setup

Manufacturing more efficiently

Documenting setup situations

  • Saved images taken from fixed viewing positions facilitate setting up complex clamping situations for recurring jobs
  • Examples:
    - Position of auxiliary equipment, such as supports and stops
    - Position of the workpiece in the work envelope to ensure sufficient space for  movement during tilted machining operations

Incorrect assignment in the pallet magazine

  • Automatic verification of the assignment of the selected NC program to the pallet in the machine tool’s working space