StateMonitor: Capture, Visualize, and Evaluate Machine Data

  • Continuous overview of the status of machine tools and orders
  • Fast information regarding unplanned events
  • Solid data for identifying optimization potential
  • Individual adaptation of all settings to your personal requirements

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Machinery range

With the StateMonitor software, you can always keep an eye on the current status of your machines. With its “Machinery range” display, State monitor provides you with a real-time view of each machine’s status. Moreover, you can quickly and easily evaluate this data and use it to increase efficiency and productivity. You can also use StateMonitor on mobile devices. This way, you can still be on-site in production even when working in the office or attending a meeting. 

Based entirely on your preferences and configured access rights, you can also access StateMonitor from outside your corporate network or have messages sent only to recipients outside of it.

Machine status

StateMonitor captures and visualizes the following information in easy-to-read charts and graphics. You can also comment on and further specify machine statuses.

  • The current status of the operating mode, program, machine messages, and overrides
  • The active messenger status
  • Machine statuses from the past three days


StateMonitor can actively notify you. You can individually define for which events and over which time intervals StateMonitor should send a message. You can also specify who should receive messages for which events.


Daily view of machine statuses

  • Status overview across all machines
  • Key metrics on availability and utilization rate
  • Information on commented machine statuses

Evaluation of machine statuses

  • Freely definable time range for the evaluation
  • Comparison of utilization rate and availability across multiple machines

Evaluation of machine messages

  • Machine-specific evaluation of messages according to error class and group

Evaluation of program run times

  • Graphical visualization of multiple programs
  • Analysis of FMAX and feed rate proportions over the program run time
  • Export of program run times as a CSV file for further processing in a spreadsheet


You can adapt StateMonitor to your individual preferences and production environment.

  • Language selection in 23 languages per user 
  • User management with customized access rights
  • Machine interfacing
  • SMTP server settings
  • Database backup

Requirements for running StateMonitor

Installing and running the StateMonitor software 

  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Many possibilities for individual configuration
  • Also works on older HEIDENHAIN controls

The StateMonitor software is installed on a PC with a Windows operating system (host for StateMonitor). The hardware requirements for the PC depend on the number of machines to be connected. You’ll find the appropriate hardware recommendations in the Installation Manual. The HEIDENHAIN controls to be connected must be accessible from the host through an IP address or DHCP name.

Requirements for the control

  • The HEIDENHAIN control must feature HEIDENHAIN DNC (option 18)
  • Activation of HEIDENHAIN DNC (option 18) is not included in the StateMonitor software product
  • The following HEIDENHAIN controls can be connected:
    • iTNC 530, starting with software version 340490 03 (released in 2006)
    • All NCK controls featuring option 18 (TNC 640, TNC 620, CNC PILOT 640, etc., a complete list is included in the StateMonitor documentation)