TT tool touch probes

Tool measurement on the machine shortens non-productive times, increases machining accuracy, and reduces the scrapping and reworking of machined parts. The tactile TT touch probes allow you to measure your tools efficiently and reliably.

Due to their rugged design and high degree of protection, these tool touch probes can be installed directly within the machine tool’s work envelope. Tool measurement is possible at any time: before machining, between two machining steps, or after machining is done.

The TT 160 and TT 460 are 3-D touch trigger probes for tool measurement and inspection. The disk-shaped probe contact of the TT is deflected during the tactile probing of a tool. In that instant, the TT generates a trigger signal that is transmitted to the control, where it is then processed further. The trigger signal is generated through a wear-free optical sensor that ensures high reliability.