Connected Machining: network intelligently in a digital production environment

HEIDENHAIN TNC controls with Connected Machining enable completely digital job management in a manufacturing environment. The networking of your process chain, from workpiece design to the shop floor to shipping, helps you optimally utilize available potential at all stages and reap the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity and cost effectiveness
  • Optimized quality, supplier reliability, and time management

The four pillars of Connected Machining

Vertically integrate the shop floor into the network with HEIDENHAIN DNC

The benefits of vertical network integration can be illustrated by a practical example: suppose you have boosted your cutting parameters and infeeds for a particular machining operation in the shop, so that the operation now runs faster than originally planned.

To avoid squandering this advantage, other production-related areas, such as logistics, must be adapted to the new situation. This is a classic task for your ERP system, which can provide machines with new workpiece blanks and replacement tools sooner than planned, arrange for an earlier pickup of finished parts at the machine, and notify the shipping department about the speedier arrival.

As a result, you avoid bottlenecks in your production chain and can fill the order faster. Your customers are more satisfied and have greater leeway in planning further orders

Exchange data with ERP systems using HEIDENHAIN DNC

Record, evaluate, and visualize machine data with the StateMonitor software

The StateMonitor software records and visualizes the operating statuses of production machines. By recording the current machine status, machine messages, override settings, and usage history, StateMonitor collects a wide array of significant data in real time and uses them to ascertain the machine availability, utilization rate, and other metrics. The software’s notification functions also keep you fully informed of ongoing events. In consequence, you can keep an eye on all of your running processes and gain reliable information about the hidden potential within your production chain.

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Expand your work area with Extended Workspace

Extended Workspace enhances the control by adding another work area for the user. This added workspace allows you to keep an eye on all relevant data while the program is running. Two versions are available:

Extended Workspace Comfort is a second monitor positioned next to or above the control’s main monitor. During execution of an NC program on the main monitor, Extended Workspace Comfort allows you to view additional content, such as the StateMonitor software or a computer connected over Remote Desktop Manager. You can individually configure Extended Workspace Comfort to your specific needs. Applications are run by an integrated computer equipped with a powerful processor.

Extended Workspace Compact displays additional information directly alongside the control’s main screen. This version requires the new 24-inch touchscreen in widescreen format. To see details more clearly, you can also expand the added window to fill the entire screen.

Leverage data and information on the control with Remote Desktop Manager

Completely digital production job management requires direct access to any data and information that may be needed on the shop floor. Remote Desktop Manager makes this possible on the control at the mere push of a button.

With this option, you can conveniently use any common software on the control, including administrative, documentation, and visualization applications. Meanwhile, CPU-intensive tasks in the CAD/CAM production area have no effect on CNC machining and machine performance. The shop floor thereby becomes a fully informed part of an efficient process chain.

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