Powerful functions for high-end 5-axis machining

Welcome to the potential of 5-axis machining

Expand the range of parts that you can make, and increase your productivity. By eliminating reclamping, it speeds machining time and reduces sources of error. As workpiece complexity increases, 5-axis machining becomes an essential part of the production process.

Prevent machine damage and downtime

An exact kinematic model on your control

Shopfloor-friendly calibration cycles ensure non-stop machine accuracy.

Manufacture with reproducible accuracy

Reliable roughing processes with uniform cutting conditions

Highly efficient, tool-friendly roughing cycles are essential to productive 5-axis machining.

Improve your throughput with the next generation of trochoidal milling

5-axis machining independent of machines and tools

Powerful tool center point management makes optimum tool guidance possible.

Work with the actual cutter radius 

Perfect surfaces in very little time

Attain perfect results through optimal motion control and a cycle with programmable contour tolerance.

Optimize the path control 

Greater accuracy at the tool center point

With Dynamic Precision, the control systematically compensates for dynamic error.

Machine more exactly in the least amount of time 

Convenient and efficient workpiece inspection

An automatable cycle measures complex 3-D geometries.

Perform highly accurate in-process quality inspection