The topics – Klartext issue 67

  • CNC PILOT 640: High-end turning at the push of a button
  • Convenience and time savings through touchscreen operation of the TNC 640
  • CAD-CAM-TNC: the new NC programming course for TNC experts
  • Plan the future: the Batch Process Manager
  • Service is better than do-it-yourself

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Discover HEIDENHAIN in your Workshop

You’ll find HEIDENHAIN products everywhere in your production:

  • Clearly visible as controls on your milling machines and lathes
  • In special areas of metrology as length gauges, grid encoders and subsequent electronics
  • Invisible as position encoders, inverters or motors in the machine

Learn more about the benefits that HEIDENHAIN products can offer you.

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Connected Machining – Well-Connected in Digital Production

Link your manufacturing skills with digital job management. Use the controls on your milling machines or lathes to make the workshop the focus of your company network.

The Connected Machining package of functions offers you control options, software and hardware that enable you to individually network your company. That’s how Connected Machining provides answers to the latest questions about the digitalization of your production:

  • How can digital networking improve manufacturing and processes?
  • Which software and hardware solutions are suitable for your purposes?
  • How about data security and protection of your own know-how?

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This Happened with HEIDENHAIN at the EMO

The EMO 2017 is over. But in the Klartext Portal you can still visit the HEIDENHAIN booths. Check out the latest news and highlights:

  • Twenty machines on the trade show grounds that are connected to the HEIDENHAIN test stand via Connected Machining
  • Uniformly digital production in which all work steps are networked, ranging from design to ready-to-deliver parts
  • The new controls with touch operation
  • The new HEIDENHAIN-SPECTO ST 3087RC length gauge for in-process measurement
  • The new VS 101 camera system for the machine's work envelope
  • The new touch probe generation with TS 460 and TT 460

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CAM-Generated Programs for HEIDENHAIN TNC Controls

This webinar will address the capabilities of TNC controls in the field of CAD / CAM programming

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The Programming Tip of the Month: Move to machine-based position

If you want to move to a machine-based position in an NC program, i.e. a position independent of the datum, the coordinate transformations and the tool data, you can do it with the M91 function.

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