HIT Turning – 2+2-Axis Machining BASIS

HIT turning - 2+2 axis machining BASIS (classroom license 20 workplaces) is one of the two network versions of HIT and costs 330 € plus VAT.

The learning package includes the following modules:

  • The CNC lathe
  • Technological basics
  • CNC basics
  • Contour programming with G code
  • Cycle programming with smart.Turn
  • C-axis machining
  • Y-axis machining

Purchase HIT Turning – 2+2-Axis Machining BASIS

If you want to use HIT Turning – 2+2-Machining BASIS, then please click here:

Soon after you enter your data you will receive an e-mail from the HEIDENHAIN learning platform. You can then use the user name and password from this e-mail to register yourself at hit.heidenhain-lms.de and use HIT Turning – 2+2-Axis Machining BASIS.


If you have already registered for another HIT 3.0 license type or for another HIT 3.0 learning package, you will not receive any further mail from the HEIDENHAIN learning platform after ordering. Your existing account will automatically be extended with the new learning package and you can log in with your existing user name and password.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions:
E-Mail: hit-support@heidenhain.de