Create programs the easy way

Easy creation of NC programs using KLARTEXT

HEIDENHAIN controls are workshop oriented, which means that they were conceived for programming right at the machine. With conversational programming you can forget about memorizing G codes. Instead you program using dedicated keys and soft keys, which precisely indicate the respectively associated function. With a keystroke, you initiate a HEIDENHAIN plain-language dialog, and the TNC begins immediately to support you actively in your work. Unambiguous questions and prompts help you enter all the required information.

Fixed cycles make NC program creation easier

Frequently repeating machining sequences are saved in cycles. You program under dialog guidance with the aid of realistic help graphics that clearly illustrate the input parameters.

Large selection of cycles

  • Standard cycles
  • Cycles for complex contours (option)
  • OEM cycles (depending on the machine)

Free contour programming

Not all workpieces are dimensioned for conventional NC programming. With the “free contour programming,” you simply type in the available data. The control then fully automatically calculates the missing points on the contour. The helpful programming graphics provide you with a complete overview.

All information at a glance with the optimized operational design

HEIDENHAIN has developed many ideas for the user interface so that the machine operator more quickly and reliably recognizes what is happening:

  • The user interface uses tabs for the various operating modes.
  • Syntax highlighting clarifies commands, values and comments using differing colors.
  • Color gradients and a now font give the user interface a homogeneous look.

Quick access to soft-key functions with smartSelect

The new smartSelect function helps to present a clear overview of the numerous functions. Subordinate soft keys are arranged in a tree structure. Of course, only those functions that can be defined in the current operating state are shown.

Clicking the desired functions displays detailed information from the TNCguide—the TNC’s online help—in the right half of the window.