HIT Milling – 3+2-Axis Machining BASIS

HIT Milling – 3+2-Axis Machining BASIS (classroom license, 20 stations) is one of the two network versions of HIT, and costs €330 plus VAT.

The learning package includes the following modules:

Tilting Machining Fundamentals

The Tilting Machining Fundamentals learning module makes it easier to get started in the world of tilting machining. These contents are a prerequisite for 3+2 NC programming. Further information makes it possible to enhance individual topics, such as the contents about the function blocks of a control or in general through the linked PDF fil

The learning module includes, for example:

  • Overview and Introduction
  • Tilting with a spatial angle
  • Transformations

Acquired skills:

  • Know reference systems
  • Differentiate between axis angle and spatial angle
  • Programming the zero offset
  • Convert transformation sequence correctly

Advanced topics Tilting machining

The learning module Advanced topics for tilting machining provides information on programming of several spatial angles as well as the recommended NC program structure.

The learning module includes, for example:

  • NC program structure
  • Tilting with several spatial angles

Acquired skills

  • Applying the NC program structure
  • Use sub programmes
  • Applying saftey positions
  • Programming multi-sided machining

Related and further topics

The Learning Module Related and further topics informs about important M additional functions as well as about other tilting functions.

The learning module includes, for example:

  • M additional functions
  • Further tilting functions

Acquired skills

  • Knowing M additional functions
  • Programming PLANE functions

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If you have already registered for another HIT 3.0 license type or for another HIT 3.0 learning package, you will not receive any further mail from the HEIDENHAIN learning platform after ordering. Your existing account will automatically be extended with the new learning package and you can log in with your existing user name and password.

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