Dynamic Efficiency: more chips in less time

With Dynamic Efficiency, HEIDENHAIN combines important functions of TNC contouring controls for heavy machining. They make the machine operator’s work easier, but also make the manufacturing process itself faster, more stable and more predictable—in short, more efficient. It combines effective control functions with intelligent machining strategies in order to increase the metal removal rate and reduce machining time.

The package comprises three options:

  • Adaptive Feed Control (AFC): optimize the feed rate
  • Active Chatter Control (ACC): reduce tool chatter
  • Trochoidal milling: accelerate roughing

Adaptive Feed Control (AFC)

Adaptive feed control optimizes the feed rate, taking into consideration the spindle power and other process data. Particularly when cutting conditions change during machining, e.g. through fluctuation cutting depths, tool wear, or changing material hardness, AFC ensures the best possible feed rate.


  • Dramatically reduces machining time
  • Prevents tool wear or tool breakage
  • Protects the machine’s mechanical elements
  • Shortens machining times

ACC (Active Chatter Control)

When cutter teeth engage solid material it can generate disturbing chatter vibrations that leave ugly marks on the workpiece surface. Chatter increases heavy and irregular tool wear. In some situations the tool can even break. The ACC algorithm increases the stability limit of the spindle speed, and therefore increases machine performance.


  • Make higher cutting power possible
  • Dramatically reduces machining time
  • Increases the metal removal rate by up to 25 %
  • Increases tool life
  • Protects the machine’s mechanical elements

Trochoidal milling

The TNC cycle trochoidal milling accelerates roughing of slots with any kind of contour It superimposes a circular tool movement over a linear feed movement. The cycle requires an end mill and enables it to remove material over its entire cutting edge.

Trochoidal milling

  • Works with large cutting depths and high cutting speeds
  • Increases the removal rate