Technical Training

Technical qualification and continuing training are indispensable for achieving technological improvement and securing the future of a company and its employees. HEIDENHAIN offers demand-oriented training courses in which the required technical knowledge is imparted practically, efficiently and in conformity with the customers’ demands. Technical training courses are not only held in Traunreut. Many HEIDENHAIN regional agencies train you in your national language. You can also take TNC programming courses from authorized HEIDENHAIN training partners in Germany and in several European countries.

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HIT: The interactive training system

As a learning solution for HEIDENHAIN controls, the HIT program (HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training) ideally combines theoretical learning with practical exercises into an autodidactic educational strategy. It virtually guarantees you a good start in programming with HEIDENHAIN controls.

HIT was developed particularly for students, retrainees and apprentices. It uses animation, small tasks and exercises to teach the most important elements of a CNC machine and imparts fundamental knowledge about CNC programming. Once learned, the new knowledge can be verified through tests.

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