The HEIDENHAIN highlights at EMO 2023

  • Exciting innovations for the TNC7.
  • Sensors and touch probes that save you time and money.
  • Encoders that improve the carbon footprint of your machine.
  • Software solutions that drive the digitalization of your shop floor.

Take your time to peruse our microsite for the innovations HEIDENHAIN presented at EMO, with many new videos and lots of detailed information for downloading.

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Learn online from home: Leverage affordable HIT classroom licenses featuring powerful functionality

HIT is a multimedia solution for teaching students to program HEIDENHAIN numerical controls. With a HIT classroom license, instructors can provide future tradesmen with optimal learning content in a cross-platform, zero-installation format.

Explore the HIT Basis classroom license

Explore the Premium classroom license

New functions for reliable processes ensure exact, dynamic, and efficient production

Reliable mastery of highly complex milling and turning processes creates a clear competitive advantage. To help you secure this advantage, HEIDENHAIN supports you in a variety of ways, such as with these innovations:

OCM: the next generation in trochoidal milling

Discover nearly unlimited possibilities for trochoidal milling:

  • Program any pocket or island from the control on the shop floor
  • Considerably boost your machining speed
  • Significantly reduce tool wear
  • Create more chips in less time

Leverage trochoidal milling for a wider range of parts

Grinding: achieve perfect finishes in a single setup

What if you could use your milling center with a TNC 640 to not only mill and turn, but also to grind? With the new functions for jig grinding, you can machine your parts to exceptional surface quality in a single setup.

The new complete machining capabilities of the TNC 640

Well-Connected in Digital Production

Link your manufacturing skills with digital job management. Use the controls on your milling machines or lathes to make the workshop the focus of your company network.

The Connected Machining package of functions offers you control options, software and hardware that enable you to individually network your company. That’s how Connected Machining provides answers to the latest questions about the digitalization of your production:

  • How can digital networking improve manufacturing and processes?
  • Which software and hardware solutions are suitable for your purposes?
  • How about data security and protection of your own know-how?

StateMonitor – Your machinery at your fingertips, with intelligent machine data acquisition

Here are the four pillars of Connected Machining

New: PlantMonitor is the new software solution for analyzing production data from multiple StateMonitors.

With PlantMonitor you can now network machines from different production areas for even greater transparency across the entire company and a superior data pool for informed decisions.