Operational prerequisites for StateMonitor

It takes just three minutes to connect your machine to StateMonitor over HEIDENHAIN DNC if your machine can be addressed over the network. Even older machines with a TNC control version starting from 2006 can be connected through StateMonitor.

Please note the following prerequisites and other information in order to ensure smooth installation and initial operation.

Prerequisites regarding the PC in order to use StateMonitor

  • The StateMonitor software must be installed on a PC with Windows operating system (host for StateMonitor)
  • The hardware prerequisites for the PC depend on the number of machines to be connected. Refer to the Installation Instructions for the recommended hardware settings
  • The HEIDENHAIN controls to be connected must be accessible from the host through the IP address or DHCP name

Prerequisites regarding the NC control in order to use StateMonitor

  • HEIDENHAIN controls must have HEIDENHAIN DNC (option 18)
  • Enabling of HEIDENHAIN DNC (option 18) is not part of the StateMonitor software package

The following HEIDENHAIN controls can be connected:

  • iTNC 530 as of software version 340490-03 (released in 2006)
  • All NCK controls with option 18 (TNC 640, TNC 620, CNC PILOT 640 etc.; the StateMonitor documentation includes a complete list)

Additionally, other controls can be connected over the following protocols:

  • OPC-UA software version 1.02.x or later
  • MT Connect software version 1.2.x or later
  • Modbus TCP via Connect/Read
  • FANUC FOCAS via Ethernet