Intuitive user interface

Practical, intuitive, and user-friendly: the StateMonitor user interface gives you a rapid overview of the current production status. In the Machines, Messenger, Jobs, Maintenance, and Evaluations menus, you’ll find all of the functions you need to enable the individualized collection, evaluation, and analysis of machine data, thereby allowing you to keep a continual an eye on machine availability and the utilization rate.

Clear presentation of the machine status

With the StateMonitor software, you can always keep a close eye on the current status of your machines. The Existing machinery screen gives you a real-time view of the production status for every machine. And since you can use StateMonitor on mobile end devices, you don’t have to physically be on the production floor to access this information. During a meeting or while in the office, important information about the machines is ready at hand. Based on your preferences and enabled functions, you can even use StateMonitor to access production data outside of your corporate network.

Overview of machine statuses

The Machine Status button gives you access to information about the machine status, override settings, tool data, signal notifications, and machine messages.

Graphical productivity view

The Status overview provides you with a graphical and complete overview of the machine park. A pie chart makes it immediately clear how many machines are productive, not ready for operation, or not in use. You can also find out more about the availability and utilization rate of your machines. In addition, the status overview allows you to define machines about which you would like to receive information on the operating mode or program.

“Day view” of the machine statuses

The “Day view” gives you a detailed overview of the recorded machine statuses along a timeline. This allows you to evaluate key metrics such as the utilization rate and availability for each machine. You can also view additional saved information to include in your key metric analysis.

Individualized messaging functions

Using StateMonitor eliminates the need to stand next to the machine tool at all times. Its Messenger functions inform you about whether your machine is currently productive, whether malfunctions are occurring, or whether maintenance is pending: all per e-mail on your smart phone or tablet. You can define who will receive which notifications.

The intervals at which StateMonitor sends a message can also be configured, as well as who receives notifications for which events—including people outside of the corporate network. As a result, you can always respond quickly when needed. Fewer interruptions mean greater productivity. 

Convenient job organization with JobTerminal

The JobTerminal software option lets you create or assign jobs or working steps, manually or automatically plan setup and production times, save job data, and define machining sequences. This gives you full information about pending, currently running, and completed jobs at all times wherever you are. The collection of operating data is fast, easy, and centralized.
This is your data pool for analyzing jobs in greater detail. JobTerminal also supports you in the collection and post-calculation of job times.

Customizable organization of maintenance tasks

The more complex a production machine is, the more critical maintenance and troubleshooting become. The goal must be to maximize equipment availability while minimizing costly production downtime. The “Maintenances” submenu lets you consolidate maintenance tasks for maintenance intervals as needed. A wide variety of configuration possibilities are available to you for this purpose. This keeps you from incurring unnecessary costs from maintenance tasks performed prematurely or too late. Your maintenance intervals can be created from a combination of maintenance periods and operating hours, or even machine messages and sensor statuses.

Even with optimal maintenance, malfunctions can never be completely ruled out. To enable a fast response in such cases, StateMonitor can log and report malfunctions, as well as immediately notify the appropriate staff member. This can save you valuable time during troubleshooting. The software’s log functionality can help you weigh up possible optimization investments based on solid data.

Detailed analysis of the machine statuses

If you wish to uncover potential for improvement and boost your throughput, informative machine analyses are essential. For this purpose, StateMonitor offers numerous possibilities under the Evaluations menu item.

Evaluate machine statuses

  • Select a machine or multiple machines for the evaluation
  • Define any desired period of time for the evaluation
  • Compare the utilization rate and availability of multiple machines

Evaluate key metrics

  • Determine the availability and utilization rate metrics for a defined period of time
  • Graphically visualize the ascertained metrics and associated status times
  • Export the performance metrics as a CSV file for further processing in a spreadsheet

Evaluation of program run times

  • Graphically visualize multiple programs
  • Analyze the FMAX and feed rate overrides that were applied over the course of the program
  • Export the program run times as a CSV file for further processing in a spreadsheet
  • Analysis of total program run times

Evaluation of machine messages

  • Visualize machine messages and notifications generated via FN38 commands
  • Identify the causes of production disruptions and program interruptions
  • Export machine messages as a CSV file for further processing in a spreadsheet

Evaluation of job times

  • Calculate the time that was required for individual working steps and entire production jobs
  • Analyze production quantities based on the following statuses: OK, Rework, and Scrap
  • Graphically visualize job times categorized as Prepare, Production, or Undefined run time
  • Export job lead times as a CSV file for further processing in a spreadsheet

Evaluation of machine-specific signals

  • Graphical visualization of multiple machine-specific signals
  • Depiction of possible signal changes during the recorded period
  • Identification of interrelationships between the recorded signals
  • Exporting of signal values for further processing (e.g., in TNCscope)
  • SMTP server connection for e-mail notifications
  • Active Directory for user authentication

Tool data analysis

  • Collection of tool usage durations
  • Determination of actual tool usage duration and usage frequency
  • Comparison of tools required by the NC program with the tools available in the tool table

Maintenance and malfunction analysis

  • Comparison of the planned vs. actual maintenance duration
  • Evaluation of error messages and their frequency

Analysis of actual energy consumption

  • Collection of signals from additional sensors for electrical energy, compressed air and process water
  • Evaluation and comparison of machine energy consumption
  • Energy cost calculation relative to program run times

Customized settings

With StateMonitor, HEIDENHAIN provides a monitoring software that you can adapt to your specific needs and production setup by means of the following features:

  • Machine connection via the HEIDENHAIN DNC, Modbus TCP, OPC UA, or MTConnect interfaces
  • Connection of an external reporting database for the convenient availability of collected machine data, including for adjacent software solutions
  • User administration with customized permissions
  • Language selection for 23 languages
  • Individually configurable language for every user
  • SMTP server setting
  • Database backup