Controls for Milling Machines

With its TNC controls, HEIDENHAIN offers a complete product line for all common types of machines in the area of milling: from simple three-axis CNC milling machines to highly complex machines with up to 20 axes—a TNC control is always the right choice. Thanks to their flexible operational design and practical functions, the TNCs are particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Simple milling, drilling and boring operations
  • Machining in a tilted working plane
  • Complex 5-axis operations
  • HSC operations
  • Milling-turning operations

TNC 640 – High-end milling/turning

The TNC 640 combines the operational processes for milling and turning in one control. In the NC program, you can change as desired between turning and milling.

The intelligent combination of milling and turning helps the user to save time and money.

TNC 640

TNC 620 – Standard Milling

The TNC 620 provides you with optimum support with practical prompts, questions and meaningful help graphics. Standard operations and even complex applications are on call as a large variety of real-world machining cycles or coordinate transformations.

TNC 620

TNC 320 - Standard Miling

The control shows a clear overview of all information for programming, operating and inspecting the machine tool and control such as program blocks, comments and error messages. The graphics also support the user during program input, test run and machining.

TNC 320

TNC 128 - Standard Milling

The control is well-suited for less complex operations on universal milling, drilling and boring machines. Workshop-oriented programming is an important touchstone of the TNC 128. The strengths of the controls lie in series and single-part production, in training and education facilities, and in the production of prototypes.

TNC 128

Controls for Lathes

Lathe controls from HEIDENHAIN have been proving themselves for years both on standard and complex lathes as well as on turning centers. Many workshop-compatible functions support you optimally at:

  • Conventional lathe operations
  • Operations with driven tools
  • Machining with the C and Y axes
  • full-surface machining with dual spindles
  • Machining with the B axis

CNC PILOT 640 - Turning

The CNC PILOT was conceived for CNC lathes. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical lathes. The CNC PILOT is characterized by its simple operation and programming. It is quickly learned and requires minimum training time. The CNC PILOT was conceived for CNC lathes. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical lathes.


MANUALplus 620 - Turning

The MANUALplus 620 was conceived both for CNC and cycle lathes. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical lathes. The MANUALplus supports lathes with simple tool holders and lathes with tool turrets. The tool carrier of horizontal lathes can be located in front of or behind the workpiece.


MANUALplus 620