Well Connected: HEIDENHAIN Controls in Digital Manufacturing

From the beginning of time, there has been no transfer of knowledge and no progress without communication. Well interconnected communication makes knowledge available more rapidly to provide for intelligent solutions.

  • Starting from the TNC in your workshop, network all areas accompanying the production process.
  • Turn the workshop into the focal point in a uniformly digital process chain.
  • Become even more efficient as you increase your productivity, quality and flexibility.

StateMonitor PC software solution

The StateMonitor PC software solution captures and visualizes the operating statuses of manufacturing machines. It acquires lots of important data ranging from the current machine status, machine messages, and override settings all the way to usage history—in order, for example, to determine the availability and utilization rate of machine tools

Get informed now

Extended Workspace: Even better informed thanks to an enhanced display

Extended Workspace enhances a control with an additional workspace for the user. That way you have an optimal view of all relevant data while at the same time keeping an eye on the program running on the control.

You can choose between two solutions:

Extended Workspace Comfort is an additional monitor beside or above the actual control screen. While the current NC program is displayed on the control screen, Extended Workspace Comfort offers, for example, a view of the StateMonitor software or of an office computer that is connected via the REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER. Extended Workspace Comfort can be configured individually for the desired applications. The integrated computer manages the running applications itself and has its own powerful processor..


Extended Workspace Compact shows additional information on the side directly next to the view of the control’s screen. A prerequisite for Extended Workspace Compact is the new 24” touchscreen in widescreen format. In order to show details more clearly, you can also expand this side view to cover the monitor’s entire display area.

Using and exchanging data

HEIDENHAIN TNC controls with Connected Machining make integrated digital order management possible in production. This includes functions of the TNC controls that support networking of the control in the workshop with all areas of the company that accompany production.

For example, with the Remote Desktop Function, the machinist can safely use all data and information available in the company. That saves time, for example, when he can use the control to call missing data from CAD/CAM applications. But of course he can also send feedback to all those involved in the process, e.g. about cutting data or infeeds that you’ve adapted in the workshop.

One capability of the HEIDENHAIN DNC interface is to connect TNC controls to merchandise management systems and production activity control systems so that automatic feedback can be set up on running manufacturing processes.

This increases transparency in manufacturing starting from a batch size of one and supports timely order management. Easy data usage in networked manufacturing reduces workloads and saves time in production.

The REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER: Using Data and Information at the Control

The prerequisite for uniformly digital order management in production is the direct access to all data that can be of use to the machine operator in the workshop. The functions of Connected Machining make the network possible for connecting the control with all areas of the company that accompany production. It enables the machine operator to use technical drawings, CAD data, NC programs, tool data, work instructions, parts lists and warehouse information. He can also send and receive e-mails.

With the REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER, the push of a button on the control keyboard is all it takes to switch between the control screen and the screen of a Windows PC. It can be a computer in the local network or an industrial PC (IPC), such as the HEIDENHAIN IPC 6641, in the machine’s electrical cabinet. The key combination for switching the screens is user-selectable and can be freely defined, by the way, in the settings of the TNC 640.

All the usual applications, e.g. for managing, documenting and visualization, can be simply operated and used right on the TNC 640. Compute-intensive CAD/CAM tasks do not affect CNC machining and machine performance. The workshop is a full-fledged part of an efficient process chain.

HEIDENHAIN DNC: The Transparency of Orders

The HEIDENHAIN DNC makes what is termed the vertical integration of the workshop in networked manufacturing possible. It enables you to connect the TNC control with merchandise management systems or production activity control systems and send automatic feedback to running manufacturing processes. This increases transparency in manufacturing starting from a batch size of one and supports timely order management.

The benefits of such connections are immense. Let’s say that you’ve increased the cutting data and infeeds for an operation in the workshop. It makes the operation faster than originally planned. To avoid wasting this time advantage you need to inform the logistics people of the new situation—a classic task for your merchandise management system. The system ensures that new workpiece blanks and replacement tools are provided to the machine more quickly than originally planned. It also sees to it that the finished parts are moved from the machine sooner. And it informs your shipping department that the product will be ready earlier. In this way you can avoid jams in your manufacturing chain and can ship your product faster. This will make your customer happy and give you additional space for planning other orders.