Record, evaluate, and visualize machine data with the StateMonitor software

How can I improve my manufacturing throughput? How can I keep an overview while operating multiple machines? Would investing in a new machine tool be worthwhile? StateMonitor helps you make decisions about production optimization.

The StateMonitor management and monitoring software from HEIDENHAIN delivers a real-time window into the production status of your CNC machine tools. It collects and intuitively displays data from your machines on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The status view shows you whether your machines are currently productive, non-productive, waiting, or not in use, allowing you to perfectly monitor machine statuses and uncover optimization potential. You can also evaluate parameters and program run times in detail. The Messenger function lets you receive e-mails for predefined events, such as when a machine is idle, when coolant is low (with option 5, Signals), or when a program is finished.

A new feature of StateMonitor version 1.4.0 is its tool monitoring function, which tracks the current tool’s actual duration of use. You can use this information anytime to determine whether to continue deploying a tool, thus avoiding the cost of premature tool replacement.

New functions in Software Release 1.4.1

Following the debut of StateMonitor version 1.4.0, which added new features for tool data, program progress, and time-to-completion, Software Release 1.4.1 is now introducing database and interface enhancements:

  • Expansion of the reporting database for two new systems: MySQL and Oracle Database
  • Provision of collected tool life cycle data through the reporting database
  • Availability of tool life cycle data collection for MTConnect as well
  • Option 11: “Data Interface,” for connection to the new PlantMonitor software

New: PlantMonitor, for tracking multiple StateMonitors

If your company uses multiple instances of StateMonitor, you can now gain a full overview of them with the new PlantMonitor software! This solution provides real-time visualization and a variety of data and message analyses for configurable combinations of machines and StateMonitor instances located at different production areas or corporate sites.

Find out more about the new PlantMonitor software

Intuitive user interface

StateMonitor lets you keep machine availability and machine utilization in view. Get to know the user interface of StateMonitor version 1.4.0.

   Clear overview of machinery status

    Individual notification functions

     Convenient job management

    Graphic productivity display

How to implement StateMonitor

Discover what prerequisites must be fulfilled within your company in order to start using StateMonitor.

The operational prerequisites for StateMonitor in detail


How Václav Huta uses StateMonitor

New machines and technologies are supposed to provide more freedom. That's very important to Václav Huta. The owner of the Czech tool builder Nafo has now networked his machinery with the StateMonitor software from HEIDENHAIN.

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“Is your production floor running as it should? StateMonitor knows the answer.”

Interview with Senior Sales Manager Simon Voit

How the smart StateMonitor software from HEIDENHAIN boosts productivity and the users keep the production process in view, regardless of where they happen to be.

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Night flight to the moon

Endutec monitors the automated nighttime production of lunar vehicle parts using the StateMonitor machine data acquisition software (MDA)

How many parts manufacturers can claim that their workpieces will fly to the moon? Endutec, a twelve-man operation based near Lake Chiemsee in Germany, decided to reach for the stars: they milled 30 parts that were initially said to be unmillable. These components are now an integral part of the "Mission to the Moon," the first German lunar mission.

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Voices from the workshop

"We can't put our data in the cloud, which is why we need monitoring software that works independently of the cloud. That way we retain control of our data."

Štefan Čabra
Director at Schelling, Slovakia

"We use StateMonitor to transfer evaluations of machine jobs into our ERP system. The large number of parts involved in tool making makes it immensely important to evaluate individual job times and door-to-door times."

Johannes Herzog
Team leader milling mold making at Toolcraft, Germany

"StateMonitor has made my job much easier while also giving me more possibilities. I can always check the situation in real time, without having to be anywhere near the machine."

Federico Vidali
User and CAD/CAM programmer at RS Meccanica, Italy

10 minutes of undetected machine downtime per shift with five machines in three-shift operation over 264 days at an hourly rate of 80 euros cost 52,800 euros a year.

You get an additional 3168 hours out of your spindle if the productive machine time is increased by 15 % when operating five machines in two shifts.

It takes just 3 minutes to connect your facility to StateMonitor over HEIDENHAIN DNC if your machine can be addressed over the network.

HEIDENHAIN DNC, OPC UA, MTConnect, or Modbus TCP: Your equipment can be connected to StateMonitor over four different interfaces.

User documentation

How to install the StateMonitor software correctly. The Installation Instructions provide you with all important information 

Download the Installation Instructions

The comprehensive Operating Instructions help you when using the StateMonitor software. 

Download the Operating Instructions