Program skiving and hobbing operations with ease

With the new cycles of the TNC 640 for high-quality external and internal gear teeth, you can easily and economically manufacture spur and helical gearing systems entirely within a single setup. The software makes these two machining operations possible in both milling and turning mode.

The new gear-milling cycles:

  • Gear skiving
  • Gear hobbing
  • Defining the gear    

Your advantages:

  • Ease of programming
  • Efficient machining in milling and turning mode
  • Lift-off protection feature

Program skiving operations with ease

Don’t agonize over the complex sequence of movements required for skiving. The “gear skiving” cycle will handle it for you.

All you need to do is specify the data for the gear geometry and the tools to be used. The TNC 640 will take care of the remaining calculations, particularly for dynamic motion control in double-spindle operation.

As a result, the production of internal gears turns into an easy-to-master standard application.  

Your advantages from skiving:

  • Machining of complete parts within a single setup
  • No special machines required
  • No machine changeover, resulting in time savings and increased quality

Hobbing made easy

The TNC 640 also supports your programming work with its “gear hobbing” cycle. In this case as well, gear geometry and tool data are the only specifications you will need to define.

Hobbing is particularly well suited for external gears. Its advantages include high productivity and a wide variety of tooth forms creatable with easy-to-manufacture tools.

Your advantages from hobbing:

  • Production of a wide variety of tooth forms, including highly complex ones
  • Large selection of standard tools can be used, as well as easy-to-manufacture special tools
  • High-productivity manufacturing process

A single definition; numerous benefits

Define your gear’s geometry only once using the cycle “defining the gear.” All of the machining steps required for subsequent machining, including roughing and finishing, make use of this definition. It’s that simple!

Greater protection and reliability

In the event of unforeseen program interruptions, such as power outages, the new gear-milling cycles support optimized lift-off. The cycles automatically determine both the direction and the path of the tool’s retraction from the workpiece.

Your advantages from optimized lift-off:

  • Avoidance of damage to the workpiece, tool, and spindle
  • Seamless continuation of the interrupted machining process after restart
  • Automated process requiring no manual intervention