Product videos of HEIDENHAIN controls and their functions


5-axis machining: reliable mastery with the TNC 640

5-axis machining: powerful TNC functions for aerospace parts


CNC PILOT 640: high-end turning

CNC PILOT 640: simultaneous turning of highly complex geometries

CNC PILOT 640: concurrent simulation in real-time

CNC PILOT 640: Full-Surface Machining with B Axis and Counter Spindle

Digital Shop Floor

Digital Shop Floor: be more productive with a Digital Twin

Digital Shop Floor: digitalized and networked manufacturing

Digital Shop Floor: system automation made easy

Uniformly Digital Order Management in Manufacturing

Digital Shop Floor: milling in a networked environment

Digital Shop Floor: turning in a networked environment 

TNC 640

TNC 640: reaching your goal quickly through intuitive operation

TNC 640: new standard cycles for jig grinding

Milling and turning in one step

Convenient control of facing heads

Dynamic Precision

Exact machining in the least amount of time

Dynamic Efficiency

More chips in less time

Calibration of the machine kinematics

KinematicsOpt – Fast calibration capability for rotary axes 

Accuracy on modern machine tools

Closed Loop compensates thermal error

TNC with 3-D simulaton graphics

Realistic preview of machining processes

LAC – Load Adaptive Control

Load related adaptation of control parameters