CNC PILOT 640 – the control for CNC lathes

Thanks to its flexible design and numerous programming features, the CNC PILOT 640 always gives you optimum support. Regardless of whether you are manufacturing single parts or batches, simple or complex workpieces. The CNC PILOT 640 is characterized by its simple operation and programming. It is quickly learned and requires minimum training time.

The CNC PILOT 640 was conceived for CNC lathes and is ideal both for horizontal and vertical lathes as well as vertical boring and turning mills. The CNC PILOT 640 supports lathes with main and counter spindle, C axis or positionable spindle and driven tools as well as machines with Y and B axes.

In multi-channel machining, different machining steps can be carried out simultaneously using several slides.

Regardless of whether you are turning simple parts or complex workpieces, the CNC PILOT provides you with the benefits of graphical contour input and convenient programming with smart.Turn.

Programming with variables, controlling special machine components, or using externally created programs, etc. is no problem: simply switch to DIN PLUS. With DIN PLUS you’ll find the solution for your special tasks.

Connected Machining – the lathe control at the center of uniformly digital production

From the lathe control, too, network all areas accompanying your production process

Visual inspection even before machining

With the high-resolution, finely detailed 3-D simulation, you can exactly evaluate the result of drilling, turning or milling processes already before actual machining. This also applies for complex multi-channel operations. Here all workpieces and tool movements of all slides are displayed.

The freely rotational view about the axes permits visual inspection of the blank and finished part from all angles. With its intuitive gesture operation, you can navigate and zoom into every programmed detail – of course even with C-axis contours on the cylindrical surface or face, and with Y-axis contours in the tilted plane. In this way the 3-D simulation enables you to detect even the smallest error already before machining.

Structured programming with smart.Turn

A smart.Turn program is divided into easily readable machiningblocks called “units.” A unit describes a machining stepcompletely and unambiguously. The tool, technology, contourand cycle parameters are visible at a glance. All parameters areincluded in clearly structured fillable forms and are illustrated bycontext-sensitive help graphics. With smart.Turn you have thereassurance that each working block is defined correctly andcompletely.

Field-proven fixed cycles
Naturally, the CNC PILOT 640 features powerful turning, milling,and drilling cycles. Thread cycles or milling and drilling patternsare also standard. And if something special is needed: DIN/ISOand units can easily be combined in the same NC program.

NC program at the push of a button with TURN PLUS

With TURN PLUS you can create part programs in a very short time. After you have entered the contour of the blank and finished part, you only need to select the material and clamping devices. TURNPLUS does everything else automatically: it generates the working plan, selects the machining strategy, selects the tools and cutting data, and generates the NC blocks.

Your result is a comprehensively commented smart.Turn program with working blocks (units). That gives you the assurance you need for optimization and safety when you're breaking in the part program. TURN PLUS can do all that for milling, drilling and boring operations with the C or Y axis on face and cylindrical surfaces as well as on rear-face surfaces in machines with opposing spindles.

The CNC PILOT automatically generates the part program even for complex workpieces that need to be machined on the front face, back face, and lateral surfaces. After defining the geometry, this can save you about 90 % of the time otherwise needed to create a program.

ICP interactive contour programming

For jobs that cannot be machined with the standard cycles because of the complexity of the workpiece or the lack of certain dimensions in the workpiece drawing, you need ICP, the interactive contour programming. You describe the contour elements directly as they appear in the workpiece drawing. Or—if the drawing is available in DXF format—you simply import the contour.

When entering the data, you decide whether the coordinates are absolute or incremental, and whether you enter the end point or the length of the line or the center point or the radius of a circular arc. You also specify whether the path to the next contour element should be tangential or non-tangential.

As long as they are mathematically defined, the MANUALplus calculates missing coordinates, intersections, center points, etc. If the entered data permit several mathematically possible solutions, you can view the individual solutions and then select the proposal that matches the drawing. You can modify or change existing contours.

Load Monitoring—detecting tool wear and breakage during machining

Load Monitoring observes the machine’s spindle and motor load while comparing them with the utilization values of a reference operation. The CNC PILOT 640 can graphically display the utilization rates in a separate window.

You can set two limit values that trigger different error reactions. After the first limit value is exceeded, the current tool is flagged as worn out and the control automatically exchanges it on the next tool call with a predefined replacement tool. After the second limit is exceeded, the CNC PILOT 640 assumes that there is an impermissible load (e.g. tool breakage) and stops the machining process. This improves process reliability during machining, in particular during unmanned shifts.

Full-Surface Machining with B Axis and Counter Spindle

Machines with B axes makes it possible to drill, bore and mill in oblique planes. With the CNC PILOT 640 you can handle such tasks quickly and easily. You program the machining as usual in the main working plane.

You profit from:

  • Efficient program creation with smart.Turn
  • Effective turning, milling, boring and drilling with internal control cycles
  • Six-sided full-surface machining
  • Increased productivity and reduced machining time