Working and Programming with CAD Import

With CAD Import (option 42), the TNC 640 provides a convenient solution for opening CAD files directly on the control, extracting contours and machining positions, and saving them as Klartext programs or point files. In this webinar, your instructor, Michael Wiendl, will explain how you can open STEP or IGES files in CAD Import and then select and save the contours and machining positions. A further benefit of CAD Import is the capability of defining a datum on a surface of the 3-D model. This datum is saved in the program by the control with datum shift and PLANE SPATIAL (tilting the working plane). You can then select the contours and machining positions on this surface and use them in your NC program. In this manner, you can conveniently create a 3+2-axis program with the help of tilting commands and the graphics support of the 3-D model.

Along the way, the TNC 640 offers contour cycles with which the selected contours can be optimally machined.

Based on a realistic example application from the Training Department, your instructor will demonstrate all of the functions of CAD Import as well as the integration of contours and machining positions into the NC program.