HIT Premium classroom: course administration and additional functions

The HIT Premium classroom license offers numerous features in addition to the actual HIT learning software. You can create your own content, upload external documents to the classroom, and develop exam questions for customized testing.

Convenient course administration
Adding participants to your Premium classroom requires only a few clicks. Participants then automatically receive their personal login information. As a Premium instructor, you can also create personalized welcome e-mails and have them sent to each new participant. When the course is over, participant slots can be reassigned with a single mouse click.

Create your own content
In the Premium classroom version, you can create your own course—adding links, videos, images, and PDFs. You can also create your own teaching units by combining videos, text fields, images, and links. And you can use feedback forms, initiate participant surveys, or even create your own online dictionary.

Create tests and view evaluations
You can also track the individual learning progress of your participants. Aided by an extensive question tool, you can easily create a wide variety of complex online questions, including multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and true/false. Once answers are submitted, you immediately see the learning progress for each participant and a graph for the entire group.